Richard Keys and Andy Gray have now criticised Manchester City for how much money the club charges children to meet players.

The well-known duo shared their thoughts on beIN Sports.

So, what did Richard Keys and Andy Gray say about Manchester City? Let’s take a look…

What’s the story?

Well, the pair were discussing an article from the Sunday Mirror live on air, which explained that Manchester City are currently charging £2,000 for children to meet the players.

The Citizens have also banned players from signing autographs before or after matches.

Speaking about Manchester City’s decision, Keys said: “I remember when I was this high (gestures to his hip). Jimmy Hill was in charge of Coventry, once every three or four months, he’d invite all of us along to go and meet the team, get autographs, packet of crisps, bottle of pop, and you’re theirs for life. You’re locked in, affection for the football club.

“This is crass, particularly at a time in the UK when nobody has money.”

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Gray added: “I’m just reading this as you talk there. The club has also stopped players from signing autographs before and after matches. Come on. Come on!”

Manchester City must do better

Now, this is very poor from Manchester City.

The club have basically told their fanbase, if you’re not from a wealthy background, you’ve got no chance of meeting your heroes or getting anything signed from them.

Of course, there are resellers out there who aim to profit from signatures, and Manchester City quite rightly want to avoid helping them out.

However, a club of Manchester City’s size can surely identify those guilty of doing so, and can also differentiate between an innocent child just wanting to meet their idol.

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To stick a blanket ban on any autographs – unless parents can stump up £2,000 in a cost of living crisis – is really poor from the Citizens, it must be said.

After all, it’s hardly as if the club need that money – to say the very least.

Hopefully, Manchester City revise this decision, or else they risk alienating a chunk of the fanbase.