All the details on Man City hiring Lord Pannick to defend PL charges
Man City hire Lord Pannick to defend PL charges, could earn as much as De Bruyne in a week
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Man City hire Lord Pannick to defend PL charges, could earn as much as De Bruyne in a week

According to a report by the Lawyer, Man City have appointed Lord Pannick KC as the man to defend the club in the aftermath of the Premier League charges against them after allegedly making 100+ financial breaches from 2009 to 2018.

Man City rehire Lord Pannick to defend Premier League charges

Blackstone Chambers’ Lord Pannick will be joined by Monckton Chambers’ Paul Harris KC to defend Man City against the Premier League charges.

It is key to note that the former was hired by Pep Guardiola’s side to fight for the club’s case when UEFA banned them from all European competitions for a 2-year period in 2020; a punishment which was eventually overturned.

Further details suggest that Lord Pannick, who typically takes home £5,000 an hour will now charge £10,000 to put his case forward for Man City and their potential innocence up against the Premier League charges.

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He is believed to be one of ‘the best barristers of his generation’, famously successfully defending Boris Johnston during the Partygate inquiry as well as the UK government in the Supreme Court case over the prorogation of the Parliament.

The hiring of Lord Pannick has stirred controversy on social media amongst a number of opposition fans, as he could well earn as much as the top owner at Man City in Kevin De Bruyne (£400,000) in a week, earning £80,000-a-day to fight against the Premier League charges.

However, it seems as if the champions of England are insistent on proving their innocent in this very case. After all, it was reported that within the club, there is almost this sense of ‘excitement’ to do so, as it is popularly believed that CAS (Court of Arbitration for Sport) let them off the hook on a technicality of certain violations being ‘time-barred’ back in 2020.

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