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Manchester City... our disappointment is immeasurable
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Manchester City... our disappointment is immeasurable

As reports initially began to filter through yesterday about the proposed European Super League, I wasn’t too concerned.

Manchester City were being reported as the one club of the Premier League’s ‘Big Six’ yet to sign up for the competition.

“We’re a well-run club with owners, as rich as they are, that understand this will cause major upset for the fans”, I thought to myself.

But fast-forward a few hours and the official announcement came: Manchester City are one of the 12 founding clubs of the ESL – and it’s absolutely sickening.

The club put up the article on their official website at gone 11pm last night.

Meanwhile, the official Twitter never shared that article, and has today gone about its business like absolutely nothing has happened, as fans rightly vent their anger at the spinelessness and utter cowardice.

According to the MEN today, there is no plan for the club to explain itself to its loyal supporters over the next few days, which is astonishing.

For years, City have enjoyed a wonderful club-supporter relationship, so to see this conduct now is absolutely insulting.

All that hard work establishing relations and creating memories, undone in an instant.

It’s being reported today that City actually ended up being forced to follow the other clubs.

If that is true then it’s pathetic – there was still the chance to say no and do the right thing, like Bayern Munich and Paris Saint-Germain have done.

For many, the disappointment is so immeasurable that the support will stop right here and honestly, who can blame them.

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